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My Herbalife Journey

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Welcome to The Herba-kit Blog - Everything you have ever wanted to know about Herbalife Nutrition and Being an Independent Herbalife Distributor

Like most Herbalife Nutrition Members I initially joined Herbalife UK to lose weight. I had put on a bit of weight during the pandemic and wanted to follow a diet plan that took the thought out of preparing meals and offered healthier options when I fancied a snack. I joined Herbalife thinking, "that's two meals out of the day sorted. I now only need to think about what my third meal option needs to consist of".

As time grew by and I started to see results, I naturally wanted to share the tips that I had learnt along the way. I initially shared myherbalife website with my close friends and they laughed it off. With time and dedication, I have slowly grown a team of motivated coaches that also wants to support others with their Herbalife journey and motivate clients in a safe and friendly environment.

I say this to encourage anyone that has only just decided to take the plunge and grow their Herbalife business or that wants to join and finds the process daunting. This blog is a collection of all of the tips, recipes, questions and answers that I have learnt along the way and that helped me at the start of my Herbalife journey.

I love helping people and learning about people's stories whether its from handing out leaflets promoting my business or talking to a member of my team. If you are ready to be your own boss, work at a team that suits you and join a great team, why not become a Herbalife Independent Distributor today.

Alternatively, if you want support with meeting your weight loss goals, why not become a Herbalife Member and enjoy all of the benefits and discounts that come with it. You can join today by visiting Join Herbalife. Enjoy 25% discount | Herba-Kit

Regardless of the option that you choose, I cant wait to see your results!

Since we're in this together now, what questions have you always wanted to know about keeping fit or overall wellness. Feel free to leave a comment below

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