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What Is Herbalife Nutrition and how do the meal plans and products work?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Herbalife Nutrition was created by founder Mark Hughes in 1980 and is a global leader in meal replacements, foods supplements and sports nutrition products. It now operates in more than 90 countries and its products have been developed by nutritionists and scientists.

Herbalife products are sold through a network of Independent Distributors such as . Its products consist of meal replacement shakes and supplements that help with successful weight loss, improved nutrition and enhanced personal care. What makes Herbalife different is its Independent Distributors who offer personalised support and give customers the confidence to change for the better.

A number of celebrities such as Former Towie stars Danielle Armstrong and Ferne Mccann have credited their amazing weight loss results to following Herbalife's meal plans and the 21 day challenges on offer.

You are unable to purchase Herbalife in shops and can only purchase them through a Independent Distributor. If you are interested in browsing our range of Herbalife products, you can visit Buy Herbalife Products Online- Fast shipping in UK | Herba-Kit

How does the Herbalife Weight Management Programme work?

Herbalife weight management programmes incorporate healthy eating practices with Herbalife products (such as the Formula 1 shakes and multivitamin supplements) and one-on-one health coaching services.

To reach your weight loss goals Herbalife Nutrition recommends taking one Formula 1 meal replacement shake twice a day ( breakfast and lunch), followed by one regular healthy meal. This along with regular exercise and plenty of water (at least two litres a day), is recommended to get you on your way to reaching your desired weight goal in a healthy and nutritious way.

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