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Ferne McCann’s Herbalife Journey

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Ferne’s Herbalife journey began two months after she had her baby. She was blown away by her friend Danielle Armstrong's body transformation. She had always been cynical about Herbalife and thought it was another FAD diet. Danielle changed her whole perspective by explaining that Herbalife Nutrition is a healthy balanced lifestyle.

After two months of consistently taking the products and following a nutrition plan, she was able to lose most of her baby weight. Ferne was amazed by the amount of people that complimented her on how well she looked considering she had just had a baby. She thought it was only fair to share the Herbalife products she had been using on her social media accounts and hasn’t looked back since.

Ferne follows a programme that includes the Herbalife Formula 1 Shake, Oat Apple Fibre and Protein Drink Mix, as part of an overall regime of healthy eating and exercise. Contact us to find out more about the amazing plans that Herbalife offers and to join the team.

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