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 Many men and women struggle with gaining weight. For a person who is under-weight and needs to gain a substantial amount of fat and muscle, it requires for them to take in approximately 500 calories more than a person who is only trying to maintain a certain weight.


The Herbalife Weight Gain Kit allows people to overcome this obstacle with ease and in a healthy nutritious way. 


What we suggest to all of our clients is to have two shakes alongside three healthy balanced meals

Using Herbalife to gain weight (lean muscle mass) is very effective. Many people are surprised to find you use a lot of the same products that a person would use for weight loss. The difference is the combination. This is one of the reasons why working with a Herbalife Member is key to seeing results. To gain weight (lean muscle mass) with Herbalife Products we recommend:


Increase Your Calorie Intake

Increase your portion sizes slowly over a period of time. Setting weekly goals can help to achieve this. Don’t consume foods that are a high in sugar. Instead, choose foods that are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals so that the food you eat is packed with good nutrition.


Eat The Right Foods

Whilst it’s important to eat throughout the day if you want to gain weight, a balanced diet that contains the main food groups is the healthiest way to put on weight. Ideally every meal you consume should contain protein and some carbohydrates. Proteins can be found in foods like nuts, fish, dairy products and meats. These food groups will help you build muscle mass, rather than adding body fat.

Muscle mass is what you need to gain, not fat. This is the important because you want to gain weight in the right places.

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